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How much does tree work cost? Whether you are getting free estimates for tree removal, pruning, trimming(yes there is a difference), or stump grinding, you want the cheapest price for the most service.  This couldn't be further from the truth.  Cheap is a reflection of quality.  There are many shortcuts that a subpar tree service may perform to save time and collect money as fast as they can. 

I would like to give an understanding of the differences of tree trimming vs pruning.  Trimming is removing usually small sections of a tree, shrub, or hedge to maintain its size or make it "look" good.  This option is a quick fix and can lead to structural and health issues over time.

Pruning requires more skill and knowledge to remove dead, diseased and growth that is insignificant to a healthy long lived tree.  A well pruned tree is less likely to fail or get damaged by storms,high winds, and heavy snow.  Pruning can also stimulate development of fruit or flowers.  A greater knowledge of a tree species and biology is needed to determine the select branches to be removed.  Certified arborists are career oriented individuals that train and learn the best practices in the industry and genuinely care for trees providing insight and educated options to clients.  Be aware that pruning should also only be done at certain times of the year and sometimes this timing will determine if a tree is infected with disease.

A tree should never be topped.  The immediate result of topping is an abundance of growth that are fast growing and unstable.  There are alternatives to topping such as crown reduction and structure pruning(mostly performed on young trees).  Another bad practice of tree work deals with the method used to prune.  Using tree climbing spikes/spurs/gaffs.  These attach to tree climbers boots and cut into the the tree allowing them to climb as if climbing a ladder.  These are intended to be used on trees being removed only.  The vital tissue of the tree(cambium) is damaged and opens the tree to decay and disease.  Keep in mind if you receive a free estimate for tree pruning and one is much lower or half the cost, the cheaper service probably doesn't plan on working on the entire tree and /or using climbing spikes to save time.  In 1881 the author of "Tree Pruning", A. Des Cars

"Climbing spurs should never be used by good workmen. Wounds made by the sharp iron teeth of this tool encourage the growth of injurious side shoots on the trunks, and leave defects in the wood which never disappear and diminish its value.”

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